The price of Ethereum, the great beneficiary of the NFT boom, shoots up

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Mar 28, 2021
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The NFTs registered on the Ethereum blockchain are triggering the price of their cryptocurrency, which at press time is trading at $ 1,821 . Stefan Coolican, Ether Capital CFO, says that the desire to appropriate one of these attractive tokens is positively influencing the price of ether. From which it can be deduced that in the future, the prospect of a more exponential growth for these markets will continue to influence the demand and revaluation of ether.

The behavior of non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the markets continues to rise. At the end of February, the NFTs accumulated sales of more than 342 million dollars but at the close of this edition, sales exceed 509 million. The NFT sector grew close to 158 million dollars in the last 7 days, an increase of 46% compared to the figures published by DappRadar at the beginning of the month.

Ethereum and NFT
While creators and collectors are benefiting from the growing market for NFTs, so is Ethereum. The blockchain and cryptocurrency of smart contracts and Dapps where a large part of the NFTs are registered. So far this month, ether has recovered 25% of its value, after falling to $ 1,470 USD on March 2. Much of the growth of ethereum is due to the boom that NFTs are awakening. Who could imagine a couple of years ago that NFTs would sell for thousands of dollars? It really was impossible to guess. NFTs have become highly coveted objects by investors and collectors, willing to pay large fortunes for the exclusivity they offer within the blockchain.

Beeple, Pak and Fewocious were the first crypto artists to achieve sales of over $ 1 million from a single digital art collection on NFT. But after this much more has happened.

The NFT boom, up for debate on Canal Connect, Madrid's rendezvous with digital culture

A $ 2.5 million tweet
This week, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey coined his first NFT on blockchain. This is your first message posted on Twitter. The message, which only says “just setting up my twttr” , is being auctioned as an NFT on Valuables by Cent and has already reached the figure of $ 2.5 million.
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